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what is your interior design style?

Hello there,

how are you? I hope you are fine and staying healthy!

Today I would like to show you the 7 most popular and trending interior design styles.

So many people don't actually know what is their interior style and how this reflects on their space. We interior designers have the duty to recognize our client's style in order to make sure that our design proposals are not about us but about our clients, what they love, what makes them happy, what makes them feel at ease in their home.

To have an idea about the style of my clients, I ask loads of questions, sometimes contradictory questions, to make sure I have understood them but also because people tend to be confused and unsure about what they want. You'll be surprised by what people think they like and what they actually resonate to after answering to my questions and seing pictures of different styles. Looking at pictures of interior styles together with my clients is the easiest way for me to have a clear idea about what the end result should look like. Of course most people don't have one single interior style but a mixture of different styles, Nowadays there are so many variations and modern versions of each styles so it makes it hard to have a clear line between them. Don't be surprised if you like more than one style, you don't have to pick just one!

If you want to know what is your interior design style, keep reading!

1. Scandinavian 

The Scandinavian style is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and emerged in the 1950s in the Nordic countries. This style puts a particular accent on functionality and appears elegant and warm. The Scandinavian style is known for the use of earth muted tones like beige, light grey together with accent colored ornaments to add joy to the room. Also called nordic style, it beautifully mixes natural materials like wood  with engineered pieces of furniture. The light is a very important aspect when trying to achieve a Scandinavian style as it allows to make the room feel airy and  spacious. 

IMAGE 1-7 (Sources below)

2. Bohemian or "boho chic"

The bohemian style is all about own individuality, free expression and bold colors. This style is unconventional and is very often associated to the hippie movement. The bohemian style can sometimes be a mixture of eclectic and traditional styles but this interior design is all about VINTAGE, about meaningful pieces of furniture or accessories that have a story to tell. The Bohemian style uses lots of fabrics, is not scared of strong colors but most important doesn't care about what others think. A bohemian house can often be compared to a gallerie due to the unexpected combination of completely different elements. Nowadays, we often find the modern bohemian style, that beautifully balances modern clean lines with vintage and colorful elements.

IMAGE 8-20 (Sources below)

3. Minimalist

 This style follows the "LESS IS MORE" philosophy. The minimalist style is a modern style but even more simplified and is often called "zen" style. It is strongly focused on clean geometric lines, simplicity and functionality. This style completely avoids extravagant or excessive ornaments.  To achieve a minimalist style it's capital to keep the essentials, the less furniture the better. The use of a neutral color as base color for your space and a couple of accent colors for accessories is very common. It's necessary to store as much things as possible to keep things out of sight and to make the room feel airy and clean. Moreover it is important to keep the visuality of the whole room to the maximum so that the eyes can be able to go all round without being interrupted. Although it may seem easy to do, this style is one of the hardest to achieve as it requires a lot of discipline. This style is charming in any space but is particularly well suited for sleeping rooms as it allows to empty the mind.  

IMAGE 21-29 (Sources below)

4. Industrial

The industrial style is all about proud and elegant rawness. One signature of this style is the exposure of features that others try so hard to conceal. When trying to achieve this interior look, it's common to show building materials like wooden panels, bricks or unpainted steel walls, metal light fixtures, pipes and ducts on walls or even on furniture, used wooden furniture in order to add roughness and a vintage look to the space. The industrial style is generally seen as more masculine and its charm relies in the "unfinished" look that it gives to interiors. This style is perfect for lofts or old buildings that have been converted into living spaces.

IMAGE 30-39 (Sources below)

5. Traditional 

The traditional style is timeless and celebrates elegance, classiness as well as gracefulness. This style is all about details and is characterized by the elaborated silhouettes of the furnitures. Wing-backed chairs, claw footed tables, and curved furniture pieces are classical when trying to achieve this look in your interior. Moreover deep wooden tones, fine framed artwork, elegant fabric and textiles with floral patterns, fringes, dramatic chandeliers are common elements of this style. Symmetry is a very important aspect when trying to achieve a traditional style. Furniture and accessories are generally arranged in identical pairs of two and disposed to highlight a focal point such as a fireplace.  This style gives an inviting coziness to spaces and can look dramatic when using bold colors. 

IMAGE 40-47 (Sources below)

6. Shabby chic

The Shabby chic style is another vintage look but that has a delicate, detail oriented and feminine touch. This interior design style relies on pieces of furnitures chosen either for their old aspect or their appearance with signs of wear and tear. Often new items are distressed, textiles are stained with tea, pastel colors are bleached and furniture is sanded to achieve an antique look. Pure white as main color, vintage chandeliers, anything with roses in the design and over the top accessories are favorites. This style is an alternative to the French country and cottage chic styles. 

IMAGE 48-56 (Sources below)

7. Victorian 

The Victorian style is a very sophisticated style and in contrast to the minimalist style believes in the "MORE IS BETTER" philosophy. In this interior design, as many pieces of furnitures, fabrics, accessories are squeezed together. This style often uses bold prints, dark rich colors with an emphasis on tertiary colors. From multiple wallpapers that cover walls and ceilings to luxurious fabrics trimmed with silk tassels, the Victorian style has no limit and is about achieving a luxurious and opulent look. This style is hard to achieve in small spaces. Nowadays, a modern victorian style is more common, with a softer color palette but still keeping the dramatic and eclectic finish. 

IMAGE 57-68 (Sources below)

I hope you enjoyed this post. So what is your interior design style? If you like this type of content, leave a comment below. I would love to read your thoughts!

Wishing you a lovely day! Stay healthy



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