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Katleen Kuiekem


Katleen ‘s passion for Interior Design is deeply rooted in her desire to invoke feelings of  well-being and happiness that a space can spark. That passion started at a very young age with a keen interest in architecture; the way it shapes our relationship with nature, our community, our family and ourselves. This sensitivity for architectural and interior design evolved throughout the years influenced by living in different countries and being exposed to multiple ways of living.


Katleen’s unique design is a particular combination of creativity, cultural influences as well as her inquisitive nature which pushes her to fully understand customer needs. Katleen can easily adapt to her client’s design aesthetic as she benefits from a  wealth of ideas and a sharpened creativity which she channels through her Interior Design practice. 

The essence of Katleen’s approach is putting her customer at the center by designing unique interiors that are functional, reflect their personality, bring joy as well as a sense of belonging.

With Katleen you’ll get someone who really cares about the success of your project whether it is a family home or a commercial facility. Her consulting background and her passion have given her the right set of skills and are what drive Katleen to deliver high quality interior designs that match clients needs within budget and on time. 


Every client is unique, every project is unique and responding to clients specific needs with bespoke Interior Design solutions is  what drives KK Interiors. 

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