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Hi all!

I am so excited to be posting my first blog article on my website! I would like to thank you for stoping by and taking the time to read this article, it means the world to me!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Katleen Kuiekem and I am an interior designer based in Germany. I am a full time management consultant and interior designer. Kind of crazy right? I have been passionate about architecture and interior design ever since I was a kid. I have always been mesmerized by how buildings were designed, shaped, structured and how architecture impacted our way of living as a community, as a family and as individuals. I have been travelling with my family since a very young age and have been exposed to a multitude of cultures that did not only shaped my personality but also impacted my perception of things.

A little story about me, when I was a teenager, my father would come home and find the furniture in the living room in a complete different setting and with new decorations every now and then. I hated monotony so I would also change the setting of my room every couple of months! What I am very grateful for is that he wouldn't complain or get mad, quite the opposite every time he would tell me his opinion about the new setting and we would keep it anyways! A funny thing my father told me when I decided to start my interior design business is

"Well you have been an interior designer for a long time, I was your first client!"

But enough about me. This blog is all about YOU. It is about giving YOU the tools you need to improve your home whether you are renting or are a property owner. It is about giving YOU easy and affordable tips & tricks that will help YOU make a common room stand out and have a luxurious look. It is about providing YOU with some educational content about interior design, because it is an underrated topic with so many misconceptions. I want YOU to understand some basic concepts about interior design and be able to make smart decisions about your home. I want YOU to be conscious about the role of an interior designer, know when to hire one and what to expect from him/her.

I can't wait to be interacting with you guys and have your thoughts on some of the work I am doing. Again this blog is about YOU, so don't forget that I need YOU for this blog to be alive. I would be very grateful if you could leave a comment, maybe just to say hi or say who you are, how you found out about my blog, the topics you would like me to write about or anything that is on your mind!

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to keep informed about new blog posts, exclusive offers, giveaways and anything related to interior design!

Tomorrow I will be sharing a bedside table DIY so don't go to far, stay tuned!

Sending you lots of love and stay healthy!


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