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5 minutes diyS: bedside table makeover (under 10€)

Hi there!

I hope you are fine and staying healthy!

As promissed here is a very easy and short tutorial to make your bedside table or any piece of furniture that has doors/drawers look more expensive and add a touch of glam in your interior! This is the first episode of the 5 minutes DIYs serie to help all of you who don't know where to start or that are not very crafty, to just start. JUST START with something as easy as this tutorial.

For those of you who are very crafty, just be patient, I will be sharing more advanced DIY content very soon.

For this tutorial you will need:

- a pair of furniture handle (the ones I used are from Zara Home - 9.99€)

- a screwdriver (mine is from this set from Obi)

- a groove-joint plier (you can get one from Obi)

In order to change the handle of your bedside table, do the following:

- unscrew the current handle

- screw the new handle

- tighten the screw using the groove-joint plier

Easy right? This trick can be applied to any furniture that has a door handle and can even be added to furnitre that doesn't. If the furniture you want to modify doesn't have a door handle, you will have to make a whole in the piece of furniture using a drill and then follow the same steps.

Is this something you can see yourself doing? Let me know if you like this kind of content and what you would like me to write about.

Wishing you a lovely day! Stay healthy


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